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Case Study

An example of our work process...

A typical case study from an architectural project undertaken in West London.
The client had seen some previous work undertaken by Anvil and requested that Anvil were included in the tender process. The project was to fabricate and install a monolithic style stair with zero visible connections.

Below are some photos taken during and post installation of the works.

Image 1 To the left are a couple of pictures of the model made for the client and architect to show some of the interaction of the support work and specialised lighting Below are pictures taken during the installation of the work. The stairs had to be installed in sections and welded, ground and finished on site due to the entry route being through the clients front door and hallway.

Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 The finished job after the Decorators and furnishings have all been finished off.

A lot of work but a totally worthwhile effort to produce a stunning effect.

Image 5